Do you love writing about gadgets and technology? Can’t get enough from the newest wearables, drones and tech toys? You want to increase your audience and exposure by promoting your articles on other gadget blogs?

Pyrogadget is the right website for you.

If you want to up your SEO Game by publishing more guest posts and contributing to other gadget blogs, you can do it here! We are waiting for creative minds who publish their articles on our website and get a backlink to their blog and social media pages.

Just write about something related to technology and gadgets and you will probably see your article on your homepage soon.

What’s the point of writing for us?

If you want to rank your website or your blog on Google, you need to have A LOT of backlinks. The algorithm is crazy about them and uses backlinks as the number 1 factor to determinante which site gets which rank.

So if you publish your articles on other websites while adding links to your own blog on these guest posts, you are going to see an increase in traffic via Google. 

Doesn’t matter if you write occasionally or regularly, you can send us your articles and we will promote them to our audience.

What Topics do we cover?

So first of all: We are open to all kinds of topics as long as they are creative and related to gadgets and technology. Here is a list that can help you do get a feeling about what we write about:

  • Tech News
  • Software
  • Android
  • Drones
  • Smart Homes
  • Alexa
  • Smart Assistance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Hardware
  • Gadgets
  • Smartphones
  • Electronics
  • Automation
  • Wearables
  • iPhone and Apple
  • Microsoft

And more! Everything related to cool gadgets and technology can be pitched to us. So be creative and find a great topic to write for us.

What are our submission criteria?

We don’t publish everything that we receive. Pyrogadgets is supposed to be a high-quality website for tech and gadgets, therefore we have some requirements that you should consider:

How many words?

Google hates thin content and so do we, therefore we want every guest post to be at least 500 words long.

What’s the tone of the writing?

Don’t forget: Not everyone is a tech pro, so keep the articles simple and casual. You can explain complicated topics, but make sure everyone understands what you are talking about. Also: Keep it friendly and non-professional.

Is copied content allowed?

NO! We don’t want duplicate content on our website. We check every article with Copyscape, so don’t even think about cheating. Pyrogadget only accepts 100% original content.

Do I need to provide sources?

Not necessarily, but it would help you to appear as an expert in your topic. So think about including some links to reputable websites.

What about images?

You can provide us images or we find them on our own. Make sure you own the image, if you want it to be published with your guest post. By the way: We only publish one picture per article.

Can I promote my stuff?

Yes and no, don’t be too promotional when you talk about a product you are affiliated with. You can put a link to your website in the guest post and make a short call-to-action, but don’t be too pushy.

Can I get a backlink?

Of course. Put a link relevant to the topic into the article.

What about author bios?

Feel free to write 3-4 sentences about yourself so people know who wrote the article. You can also add your social media pages into the author bio.

And how do you submit your guest post?

Contact us here: send us a few lines with the topic of your interest and we will contact you shortly afterwards. 

You can also include the article in the first mail and we will publish it right ahead if we like it. By the way: Send the guest post as a Google Docs and don’t forget to have fun while writing!