7 Ways to Increase Instagram Productivity

Social media is a powerful marketing tool in this date and age. With growing virtual popularity, taking onto social media applications to market your product has become imperative. In June 2018, Instagram had reached the milestone of 1 billion active users. It is estimated to reach another 112.5 million users in 2020.

It makes its users feel part of a more significant, more diverse community that includes actors, athletes, business people, and whoever you might consider as your hero. Human tendency always leads to the fact that people would much likely do activities in smaller groups than alone. A sense of being and validation is what keeps this network growing. This is why it is imperative to look at Instagram as the new age marketing tool. You will find your target audience here no matter what age, gender, race, or body shape they might be. 

There are broadly two types of content that are uploaded on Instagram, Organic, and Ad Driven. Organic material refers to your original ideas, uploads, and videos that you might upload to establish your brand. Ad Driven content is when your posts are sponsored by existing businesses to drive traffic onto their websites. 

The way you can increase your Instagram productivity is by appearing on maximum feeds of your targeted audience. Instagram’s algorithm handles the order of content on a user’s feed. It states that the pages you follow and those who get more traffic, in layman terms more like and engages, will appear on top of your feed and explore searches. This causes most Organic content to be lost in the lower pages of everybody’s feed where generally nobody even goes. Hence it is vital to understand how Instagram works, what its features are, and, ultimately, how we can increase our Instagram productivity.

4 Most Widely Used Instagram Features

Video: Instagram allows up to 60 seconds of video content that can be uploaded. These videos can have captions, hashtags, and even filters. A study also suggests that Instagram videos get more engagement than picture posts, which can thus be a great way to engage traffic to your page. You can grab an Instagram downloader tool for downloading Instagram Videos, Photos, Stories and IGTV Videos to your device.

Live Video: Instagram Live Video is different than the average video because it doesn’t save your footage after it’s been recorded. It also allows followers to like, comment, and even share your live video. This provides an increased sense of transparency that the consumers need from their brands and has proved to be beneficial in marketing. 

Stories: This is similar to snapchat in the sense that users can add short clippings or pictures to their accounts where their followers can view the same for a duration of 24hours, multiple times. Many stories can be a great way to engage your audience as its more fun and requires a shorter attention span. It is also possible for followers to share your story or react to it.  

Shoppable tags in stories: Instagram allows businesses to add a link to certain items that are mentioned in stories so that users can directly click on the link to purchase that item. For example, if your account consists of a model using a handbag, you can add the direct purchasing link to that handbag so that users can purchase it.

Instagram offers a wide range of features that can be used by both personal and public accounts to increase engagement. Here are my seven tips to make complete use of these powerful features and market your product through Instagram.

How to Increase Instagram Productivity?

Optimize your account: 

Your Instagram page should be your wow factor. It should have a compelling bio, an intriguing profile picture, and a link to your main homepage website. Most users consider this to be an essential factor in deciding whether to follow you or not.

Follow relevant accounts:

The chances are that there are already existing accounts that sell the same product as you. If you engage in their posts, they might follow you back, which might drive their existing traffic to your account.


Hashtags are meant to be used to find exactly what you’re looking for. The right hashtags will drive your demographic towards your page faster and more efficiently. Don’t just use hashtags in your captions but also your comments list after you have uploaded your post. This will have the same effect but will help your caption look cleaner. 

Build relationships with other influential accounts:

Getting shout-outs from their page can increase traffic flow to your account. Most of the famous Instagrammers will be happy to help you grow your network, obviously with payment, to help you improve your relativity. These people already know how Instagram works and “what’s in.” They can create relatable content on your behalf and share it with their followers.

Run Instagram Ads:

If you’re looking for a more psychographic and demographic targeted search, running Instagram Ads, much like Facebook Ads, can help enhance your growth.

Run Instagram Contests:

Everybodys in it for their benefit. If you can provide a contest and a winner, the masses will always move where free stuff is available.

Run both image and video content:

You have to make your page more engaging and attractive. According to studies, video content sees twice as much engagement than standard images. Your material must also be explicit, aesthetic, engaging, and fun so that your followers can tag their friends in it. Once people start tagging each other in your content, it will spread like wildfire. 

Instagram will continue to be a fantastic marketing tool, as its users will only grow. Its fun, relevant content can be influenced and used as an advantage to increase your product purchasing and brand growth.