5 Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is basically the process of using network servers, hosted online, to store, process and manage data.

Local servers, are from a bygone era. Of course, there may be a few out there, used solely for backup. There may even be rooms filled up with local servers, but the reality is, that cloud computing is here for now and the future, and without a shadow of a doubt, will alter the way we do business.

The cloud is very powerfully built, designed to more efficiently and effortlessly run our businesses, which is why it’s so popular today.

In fact, cloud computing is so popular today that it’s not out of the ordinary to purchase a washing machine that uses the cloud.

There are so many benefits to cloud computer, so a comprehensive list would go on for days. So I decided to cut it short and list only 5 of the most crucial benefits of cloud technology.


1. The Cloud Is an Ideal Investment

While there are still some business owners out there that are a little hesitant to move over to the cloud, because of costs. There are also a lot of business owners that are totally confident in doing so, because they understand how good of an investment it is.

Imagine, being able to access all of your data from one secure location, that nobody else is able to access. Such a scenario can save you on both time and money.

Since you’ll no longer have to spend money on utilities, physical equipment, maintenance costs and other expenses, your operating fees will be quite minimal. Additionally, when you migrate most of your business resources over to the cloud, it eliminates the need for any additional IT personnel and extra computers and servers. So you can be sure to get back the money you invested into the cloud, from the decrease in expenditures.

Also, because the cloud works on a pay for use basis, you won’t have to waste any money on cloud features that are of little benefit to you. You will only pay for the service and features that you actually use.

2. Save Money with the Cloud

One of the very best things about using the cloud is that it saves you money in the long term. You no longer have to hire a tech expert to carry out repairs on a damaged server – that alone is already a considerable save.

Additionally, cloud computing is also scalable. With your more traditional server, companies are forced to dole out cash for costly upgrades, and if the company doesn’t growth as much as projected, then that’s a lot of money wasted there. Cloud services on the other hand, allow you to scale both up and down, with relative ease. Buy more when you need more, and save money when you don’t.

3. Enhanced Collaboration

With cloud applications you get improved collaborations, as it allows dispersed groups to meet virtually, and share data with one another in real time, through the cloud shared storage service. This feature can reduce time and improve development of products and customer services.

4. Easy Recovery

When you move to the cloud, it means you get an easy recovery and backup solution. Since all of your business resources and data is saved on the cloud, it means you are always guaranteed to be able to access it, even if something happens to your smartphone, desktop or laptop computer. Cloud computing comes with a number of solutions designed to help protect and <a href=”https://www.compuchenna.co.uk/stellar-data-recovery-professional/”>recover lost data</a>.

Cloud also has its own disaster recovery plan, which comes as standard, so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs or expanses. The best thing about it, is that these solutions are designed for businesses of all types and sizes. With such a feature, end users will never have to fear losing their data, regardless of whether it’s destroyed, misplaced, stolen or the result of hardware failure. Cloud computing ensures that you can always access your data, all you need is a working computer or laptop to do so.

5. The Cloud Is Always Accessible

Have you ever left work, and while on your way home, realised that you forgot something in your office. Have you ever suffered hardware failure, like a flash drive not properly saving your work, or an email you created, not going through?

If you’re on the cloud, no longer do you have to rush back to your office to grab whatever it is you forgot. The cloud is always accessible, all you need is access to the internet. With that, you can access whatever it is that you need.


Uchenna Ani-Okoye is a former IT Manager who now runs his own computer support website https://www.compuchenna.co.uk

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