Difficulties in writing a resume

Many successful people have difficulty writing resumes. It is difficult to write about yourself, but in the summary it is necessary to write briefly, succinctly and convincingly. In this case, you have the opportunity to use the resume design services.

The first acquaintance with a company or a recruit occurs through a resume. I would like to describe myself as fully as possible, in an interesting way, to reveal all my skills and abilities. A long, voluminous resume runs the risk of being left unread. According to studies, a recruiter spends 20-40 seconds reading a resume.

Write short

Think about who reads your resume. What does a recruiter want to see? The recruiter wants to see the correspondence between your goal, experience and the salary of the vacancy as quickly as possible.

Define a goal

Until you understand what job you are looking for, the search will not be successful.

Define the job title. In different companies, an employee performing the same job may be called differently. Write down all the options. Sometimes they are put in the job title through the / sign, but it is recommended to make a separate summary for each title, as there will still be differences.

For example, in some companies, the functions of an executive director and an operating director may coincide, and the duties of a press officer differ in different companies.

Next, think, do you want to be a leader or an executor? These are different vacancies with different requirements and two resumes with different emphasis on responsibilities will increase the chances in the search

Decide what salary you are applying for

Define for yourself: the minimum level below which you are not ready to consider offers. The optimal level that suits you and the maximum level that you can count on under the right circumstances.

Usually, when moving to a new company, an increase in income of 15% -20% is laid down.

Be aware of your experience

Analyze the work experience for the last 10-12 years, consider the work experience in the last place as detailed as possible. Describe what skills and abilities characterize you as a specialist.

The following questions will help you with this:

  • What does your typical work day consist of? What activities do you do daily?
  • What skills would you be unable to do your job without? What helps you do your job?
  • Describe only those skills that will be useful to you in the position you have chosen.
  • What have you achieved in the last three years? Year? Think back to the hardest task you ever did.

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