Best Surge Protector For You

There are lots of equipment at home that will not function without plugging into a socket. Even its television, mobile phone, laptop, computer, gaming console, or innumerable other devices, it still needs to be plugged before you can use it. In case there is a power outpouring or spikes, the first thing that comes in your mind is to secure your gadgets and equipment. The only way to do that is to have yourself the best surge protector. With several outlets, rest assured that your gadgets are not only plugged but also protected.

Purchasing it, is worth every cent you will spend. It is not like buying a stove wherein you are getting it for only one purpose, which is to cook food. This is an investment wherein you should not be worried because apart from using it, you are also saving your gears. This is an investment wherein you will save your money because you will not spend an amount for the repair of the gadget.

Tips Before Buying

It is either you just want to have more outlets at home, or you really want to have a security that your equipment won’t be at risk once there is a power spike. With a wonderful variety of features and prices, forget about the broadside marketing promises, it is now difficult to riddle out which type of device is worth buying and which one is nonsense. This article will help you decide.

For a start, you must check first what should it have for it to be considered as reliable and worth buying. The tips below might be a great help for you.

Power Strips Vs. Best Surge Protectors

These two are different from one another. Typically, power strips are affordable multi-outlet equipment, which is mere works as an expansion of an outlet in the wall. These strips have a circuit breaker, the on and off. However, most of the power strips in the market don’t offer protection from any electrical issues. There are some with simple levels of prevention, but just merely plugging the device in the wall socket.


Offers protection, which is known as joules. Basically, if there are several joules means better because this only means that the device can hold much bigger joules or several joules even before your equipment is at risk. In the long run, the protectors’ inside parts wear down, which reduces their effectiveness. There is no way now on how you will measure how much protection was left, or at least the first rating was correct.

A Warranty

Some of these have a warranty. Upon buying the item, be sure to ask if it has a warranty to avoid additional expenses for the repair once damaged. There are offers by some companies that, if the equipment was device while it is connected in this equipment, you would buy, they will shoulder the expenses for the repair. Sounds good, right? You can look for other offers in the market that you think a way better than the other.

Look for a surge in which you will not be looking for a power conditioner

Some products require you to “condition” first the power in the wall to have improved performance in the gear that you will be connecting. Here is the gist, all gear has gone through this. It already has the power supply that can take the incoming current in the wall, capable o filtering its noise, and transforms it to whatever your device needs. Meaning, there is no need to condition your surge. Not only are you living in an area with inadequate power.

Get more outlets

There is always a need for you to have more outlets at home or elsewhere. By doing that, you won’t be worrying if the time comes that you decide to add more without getting rid of or risking your old one.

Get one and allot enough space for a huge plug

You must consider purchasing with huge spacing between so that the socket can be easily moved or rotated.

Power spikes may come to cable lines or phone too

If you are after total protection, consider phone and cable line having power spikes too. Look for a protector with connectors cable lines and phones.

Check the amps for your USB

Most of it come with a USB connection that allows you to charge your mobile without using its wall warts. Handy yes, but the important thing that you must be mindful of is a rating of the amp output. Remember, for charging, and you only need 1 to 2 amps for a speed up charging.

Have a portable power strip

While trying to be safe, getting a portable power strip can be one option as it helps s avoid marital friction.

Surge power don’t tend to last

In the long run, the surge power will still wear out. Some might warn you, some will just keep on functioning, and some continuously work without protection until it damages all the gear. If there is a serious electrical issue because of the current protector, be sure to get yourself a new one.

Best Surge Protector Safe for your Gears

  • AmazonBasics 6- Outlet Strip2
  • Belkin 12 Outlet Power strip with 8ft cord
  • AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Power Strip
  • GE Designer Extension Cord with surge protection
  • Surge Protection, POWRUI USB wall charger with 2 USB
  • Belkin 12 Outlet Pivot Plug Power Strip
  • ECHOGEAR On-Wall with 6 Pivoting Ac
  • CyberPower CPS1215RMS
  • Furman Power Conditioner
  • ONSMART Wall Tap swivel 6- Outlet
  • USB wall Charger, Small, POWRUI USB
  • Huntkey Cubic Best Surge Protector USB Wall Adapter

Those mentioned products above the best type today. If you want to protect your gears, you must save money to purchase a good type than can play a big role in protecting all your gears. Look for an affordable, cheap, quality, and best type that can erase your worries about having damaged equipment. Simple things yet can do an amazing favor for you. That’s how this equipment will do for you. Hurry and get yours now!

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