Best Carpal Tunnel Mouse Review

Best Carpal Tunnel Mouse Review

Spending too much time with the computer mouse can cause hand pain which is scientifically termed as carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome is a condition in which an individual experiences slight pain and discomfort because the nerves in hand that run through the wrist are compressed. This blockage causes numbness and discomfort. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, these symptoms can become constant. Working on the keyboard or with a computer mouse on repeated patterns is something related to the ergonomic hazard. An ergonomic improvement is necessary to ensure improved human performance and productivity. This improvement is made by substituting risk factors and eliminating its repeated use or computed related accessories. A carpal tunnel mouse is a 3M ergonomic-friendly and that is medically oriented to reduce muscle strains associated with this syndrome. Its unique designs allow you to hold it in a more ergonomic position as compared to a standard one. It is often called a vertical mouse. These mice are an excellent product for people who experience carpal tunnel pain. It is many people’s choices due to comfortable build, unmatched performance and professional build. A generic carpal tunnel mouse possesses the following outstanding features:


As this product is narrowed down for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, it offers promising and easy-to-use features. The vertical grip design keeps your hand and wrist at a better angle ensuring no strain to your muscles. Meanwhile, the working principles of a regular one and a carpal tunnel mouse are the same, but their ergonomic push makes it a more biologically friendly product. Its top-notch sensor is decently accurate, responsive and quick. It is made of good quality plastic which adds durability. The standard one is only used with a felt wool pad to increase mobility but the one designed for people with carpal tunnel syndrome needs no such pads.


Being ergonomically designed, it encourages effortless functionality keeping your wrist in a more comfortable, yet safe position. Its raised design allows you to prevent hand muscle stress. It has a sculpted sleek, curvaceous design that includes a thumb rest and three standard buttons. A fully functioning back and forward buttons and side rolling navigation button. Its sides are contoured and soft rubber-made; therefore, providing ease of access. As the rubber head is mobile this enables minimal wrist movement. A customized design even consists of a thicker grip for supporting big hands. The button remapping feature allows you to produce customizable buttons for your ease.


This mouse designed for people with carpal tunnel syndrome can be wired or wireless. A wired one generally consists of a 1.5-meter cord that is plugged in PC’s USB port. But this can be made wireless by connecting a mini USB at the side of the base. In this way you can operate and personalize your use from a distance, in most cases, it has been reported to work even from a 33 feet distance. It is installed with lithium-ion batteries (Li-ion) which are long-lasting and can last up to a week without charging.


They have a wide range of colors, ranging from velvet maroon to jet black. As they come in various colors people can contrast them with their tabletops and desktops.

A standard mouse vs a carpal tunnel mouse

A standard one is typically wired using energy from the connected source. To make it wireless we can install two AA batteries. These batteries are prone to early discharge but the lithium-ion batteries used in carpal tunnel mouse have a life-long warranty. The standard one is relatively thicker varying from a 1-1.5-inch height. This uncomfortable height causes stress in your hand. Comparatively, carpal tunnel mouse is designed like a pole on a circular base. This position provides prolong usage with comfort. Besides this vertical design, it comes in a magic size as well which is less than 1cm. This thickness does not cause muscle discomfort. A trackball is also installed in it along with a responsive sensor.

Is it always advisable to buy a carpal tunnel mouse?

No doubt, the one designed for people with carpal tunnel syndrome is more biologically friendly but some people do not experience any kind of discomfort using a standard one. The muscles are only stressed after prolonged use, if you only use the mouse for about 2-3 hours then this might cause no harm to your hand and wrist muscles. A carpal tunnel mouse costs way more than a standard mouse. A simple one can be bought for less than $15 but on average as it costs about $50-70. So do you think this price is worth the money?

Future of This Invention

As you might have seen the decline of PC since the last decade. People have shifted from using PC to thin laptops and cellphones. A laptop consists of a touchpad that is safer than a carpal tunnel mouse because you don’t even have to hold the touchpad. Nowadays laptops come with a compatible multi touch screen so very less population uses a computer. Only those people use a computer who cannot afford a laptop or need a larger processing unit. Have you ever wondered why the people at large grocery markets still use computers? The reason is that providing a laptop to every end-user cashier is uneconomical. Furthermore, auditing soft wares are more responsive on PC because they need a speedy processor. While it may be true that laptops are used for personal use only. So it might be correct to say that the future of a carpal tunnel mouse is certainly declining because people prefer technology.

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