Best Slim Wallets for Men

We often think of wallets as a filing cabinet in our pockets. Due to its size and weight, some times carrying it can be inconvenient and uncomfortable. Good thing, there are slim wallets that can help you carry your cash, IDs, cards, and other important pieces all the time without so much weight and inconvenience.

Given this, we are going to introduce you to slim wallets, its benefits, and the most picked brands this year. In this way, you can have a deeper understanding of these products and enable you to assess different brands for better preference when buying one.

What is a Slim Wallet?

Slim Wallets refer to the slimmer or thinner version of the typical wallet. It comes in a smaller size, but it can still include a lot of stuff such as IDs, credit cards, cash, and other else. These wallets are designed for people that have little to average stuff to fill in wallets. Also, it comes in different sizes and colors that enable the buyer to have more options when purchasing one.

What are the reasons to buy a Slim Wallet?

Less Messy

Of course, just like the typical-sized wallets, the main purpose of a slim wallet is to organize the stuff you have, such as cash, IDs, and cards. These can help you achieve an organized and ordered stuff that makes your life much better and comfortable. With these, you can bring the stuff you need, especially the most important ones all the time. In this way, you can always reach it when you need it or in times of emergency.

Less Risk of Information Loss

If you have a lot of cards and IDs that contain important details, it is only needed for you to use a slim wallet. This wallet can help you keep and organize your important stuff and protect it from getting lost, especially nowadays, wherein people are getting or being victimized by fraud and scam.

Lightweight and Convenient

Wearing too many clothes can make you feel uncomfortable, so why are you going to add the burden with a thick and heavy wallet? So, it will be better to use these that guarantee the safe and convenient keeping of your important stuff to make you feel lightweight and comfortable.

Now, let us move forward to the top 7 slim wallets of 2020. This can help you assess and have a thorough evaluation as guidance once you bought one.

Lethnic Slim Wallet RFID Front Pocket Minimalist Wallet with ID Window- Genuine Leather

This is the slim wallet brand that got the first spot as the best and most recommended. This slim wallet guarantees quality and excellence that can be seen in its features. This wallet has an ID window that allows you to put an easy-to-see ID. Here, you can easily show an ID in a second compared to pulling it from inside.

Also, this wallet has a size of 4.33 x 2.95 x o0.15 inches. With this size, you can easily carry it by hand without a burden. There are 5 card slots, 3 money pockets, and 1 ID window. Lastly, never worry about losing information since it is attached to the hi-tech RFID blocking system.

Leather Men Slim Wallet with Money Clip- Lethnic Selfmark

This slim wallet has a money clip that ensures minimum thickness. It has 1 full-length compartment that has a money clip designed for your paper bills. This clip protects the cash from falling off the wallet. It also has 1 ID window and an additional 5 slots for cards or other else.

In addition to that, this slim wallet is made from the premium leather of Napa, and it guarantees a sense of durability and softness.

Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men

The slim wallet that got the third spot is the Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men and Women. This wallet answers the question if there is a slimmer wallet compared to the typical one. With its dimensions of 3.5 x 0.2 x 2.2, this slim wallet can’t even make a bump in your pocket. Also, this slim wallet has a compact design that helps it to be lightweight, slim, and thin. All of those are due to the materials used in the making of this wallet, which is the eco-friendly pure leather and medical grade nylon elastic.

Above all, this slim wallet is good to use when you have little things to carry, such as an ID only, one credit card, and a few cash.

Tumi Men’s Delta Money Clip Card Case

The next slim wallet that got the fourth spot is the Tumi Men Delta Clip Case. This slim wallet is good to use due to it has the quality and low-key. Its design is plain, which is perfect for those people who are minimalists. However, despite its plain design, it still delivers an elegant and classy vibe once used. This is due to the materials such as pure leather used in the making of it.

Moreover, this slim wallet has 2 functional compartments and a money clip at the back. With that, you can only stuff 10 folded paper bills and 7 credit cards.

Thread Wallets- Slim Minimalist for Men

Another slim wallet brand that you can consider in your list is the Thread Wallets. This kind of slim wallet is unisex, which means both genders can use it. Besides, it comes in various colors and designs; that is why there will be no worries in it.

Also, the dimensions of this slim wallet are 2.2 x 3 inches. It has a main pocket and 2 most-used outer pockets. With that, you are able to put some bills and approximately 8 cards.

These are only some of the important details and points to consider when buying one for yourself or your loved ones. Slim wallets are guaranteed convenient and safe to use; that is why a lot of people have started to switch to this trend nowadays. Now, if you are already interested and have chosen from the given top 5 picks of this year, you can have an excellent shopping of it in the nearest mall around you or just through online platforms and stores.