The best noise-cancelling earbuds of 2020

If you have ever bought an earbud that did not serve the function of cancelling noise that you bought it for, you will understand how frustrating it can be to make wrong purchases. What’s even worse, you might have made those purchases more than once. You might have even given up altogether on earbuds. Ok, you are giving it the very last try? Well, you can rest assured of a correct and quality buy this time now that you have found this piece. This piece has the compilation of the Top 10 best noise cancelling earbuds of 2020 that you can select from. So if you pick from any of these earbuds, you will surely be getting value for your money. That said let’s jump right in.

The top 10 best noise cancelling earbuds

Sony WF-1000XM3

This Sony earbud has an active HD noise cancelling processor that sets it apart from a lot of other earbuds in the market. Additionally, these earbuds bring you a lot of features and the latest Bluetooth technology. It is easy to control and has an in-app setting that allows you to modify and control your listening experience as you wish.


  • 6 hours battery
  • Also comes with a case that stores the 3X value of the charge i.e. You can charge your earbud three times over with a fully charged case.
  • It has a truly wireless design
  • Latest Bluetooth version 5.0

Apple AirPods Pro

This Airpod is very popular among iPhone users and if you have an iPhone as well, it will be a perfect match for your phone. The Apple AirPods Pro comes in a truly wireless design that has been further upgraded from the previous versions to feature better nozzle and ear tips for a better fit and improved sound quality.


  • The battery life of up to 4.5 hours and 24 hours of life with the case.
  • True wireless design
  • Latest Bluetooth version 5.0
  • Smooth connectivity with iOS devices
  • Hands-free Siri voice control

Bose QuietComfort 20

This earbud is a wired earbud and the best noise-cancelling earbuds among the earbuds. With sound qualities that compete for side by side with most top-end headphones, the Bose QuietComfort 20 is a value buy.


  • The battery life of up to 16hours
  • 3.5mm length wire
  • Long-lasting and quality build
  • Comfortable and stable fit
  • Convenient controls straight from the earbuds
  • Awesome sound quality

Sony WI-1000X

This is probably the best neckband that you can get at the moment. The Sony WI-1000X comes installed with beautiful features and a long-lasting battery. Perfect for long-distance journeys.


  • Up to 10 hours
  • Neckband-based in-ear buds
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 technology
  • Beautiful and sleek Ergonomical design
  • Full Google Assistant and Alexa support

B&O Beoplay E4

This is another awesome wired noise-cancelling earbud. This earbud is high-quality and has awesome sound quality. With an aluminium-based ergonomic design, the B&O Beoplay E4 is a definite top choice


  • Up to 20 hours
  • 3.5 mm length wire
  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • Offers transparency mode which allows you to talk to people when needed while leaking in the sound

Phiaton BT 120 NC

This earbud is very affordable. As low as <$100 with considerably long-lasting battery life. It comes in a sleek and beautiful design, light and very comfortable. The earbud is also sweat-resistant, making it perfect for workouts, sports, and even in the rain.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity
  • Sweat resistance
  • Portable and comfortable
  • Affordable

1MORE E1004 Dual ANC Earbuds

This earbud has perfect compatibility with Apple Lighting devices. It comes in a premium eye-catching package with awesome audio or sound quality.


  • Battery life is determined by the iPhone it is used with
  • Wired, lightning connector
  • Awesome build quality and design
  • Works for Apple devices that support LightningTM connection
  • Awesome sound quality

Linner NC50 Wireless

With noise cancellation that is well above average, the Linner NC50 Wireless earbud is a value buy.


  • The battery lasts up to 9 hours
  • Neckband style in-ear buds
  • Wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Very Affordable
  • Comfortable and good fit
  • IPX4 water-resistant

Cowin HE8D

This is another affordable earbud that is recommended for your use. It comes nicely packaged in a hard carrying case with a lot of useful features.


  • Up to 9 hours
  • In-ear design buds
  • Affordable and quality build

TaoTronics Noise Cancelling Earbuds (TT-EP002)

This earbud is perfect for those on budget. It might not offer qualities that are as good as the other earbuds, but the price is justified.


  • Up to 15 hrs
  • 3.5mm wire length
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Very Affordable

These are some of the top best noise cancelling earbuds that you can get in the market today. These earbuds are value-buy and promise quality delivery. You can get them from offline stalls around you or online stores like Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Alibaba, Target and so on. These earbuds are the best option for 2020. Except when new and better ones get released of course. So, grab your earbud and bid farewell to noise.

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