Best Multi Tool Blades Review

Multi tool blades are essential to make your project successful. Your oscillating tool needs the best tool blades to perform various tasks such as cutting hardwood, wood, plastic, fiberglass, refinishing, metal sheet, as well as other materials. However, there are lots of brands in the market, making it difficult for you to choose the right one for your needs. Worry no more because we give you a helpful review of the top multi-tool blades available in the market.

Bi-Metal Oscillating Multi Tool

The product is a pack of 10 bi-metal oscillating blades of the Integra Platinum series. It utilizes thick gauge metals to make sure a superior and long-lasting tolerance to wear. Using this product allows you to have a slip-free operation in different blade angles.


  • Features universal arbor that suits for different position settings for the slip-free process
  • It is versatile and multipurpose which can be a good value for your money
  • The product is useful for demolition, soft metal cutting, plumbing and remodeling
  • Strong wear tolerance and compatible with different brand multi-tools and has good quality in just an affordable cost


  • Some complaint about its less durability in doing rough work especially into contact with screws

Dewalt Accessory Kit

If you want a complete set for different applications, the Dewalt Accessory Kit is for you. There is no adapter needed. It comes with a versatile tough case for compartments customization for different oscillating accessories. It is a powerful grout removal blade you can buy in the market.


  • It allows you to perform 3 to 4 times quicker than other products
  • No need for adapter, tough and multipurpose tool
  • It features a universal fitment for use on different brands and comes with a flexible tough case for customizing compartments for different oscillating accessories


  • Two-piece attachment can come apart based on the tool you use

Bosch Starlock Carbide Plunge Cut

The Bosch Starlock Carbide Plunge Cut can give you a 3-dimensional fit for reduced vibration, great torque transfer, and higher performance. It comes with carbide teeth for excellent work with metal and other materials. It is available in black color and uses a corded-electric power source.


  • It has great compatibility with different brands
  • Features carbide teeth which are essential for the tool’s high performance
  • This set is long-lasting which can last about 30 times than other common bi-metal blades
  • Convenient to use due to its color-coded interface and laser-etching, has good quality and performance


  • Some complaint about its high price tag

10 Saw Blades for Oscillating Multi-Tool

If you need quality blades for oscillating multi-tool, you can prefer this product. It works well with plastic and wood. This product is designed from steel and high carbon material for superior quality. It is compatible with almost all brands.


  • Premium quality and performance has stiff teeth to resist wear
  • Available in affordable cost and ideal for DIY users
  • Long-lasting efficiency and can fit with different brands
  • In-built markers to measure the cutting depth


  • You need to make sure that it can fit your tool

7-Piece Flooring Tile and Grout Blade Pack

The 7-Piece Flooring Tile and Grout Blade Pack has a universal arbor for different position settings for slip-free use. This product is mainly used for grout removal and flooring tiles. It is a set of 7 various styles of blades that are available in black color.


  • You can avail it in the affordable and practical cost
  • Excellent for grout removal and flooring tile project
  • Great compatibility with different brands and it doesn’t clog easily


  • Some customers say that these are not long-lasting

There you go. That is our top multi tool blades review that can help you get the best product for your project. Now that you have discovered some of the best products, it is also an advantage to know how to choose the blades for your oscillating tool.

Buying Guide for Multi Tool Blades

In this section, we will reveal to you the list of factors you must consider in buying quality blades for your multi-tool.


Among the factors you must consider in buying multi-tool blades is its material. Keep in mind that rugged blades are perfect for tough jobs. You can use blades with a high metallic structure for big projects. Weedy material blades can handle light jobs.


It is essential to check the compatibility before you buy it. You must check if it is compatible with your tool to prevent disappointments in the end.


You must also choose the design of the blades for your convenience. Make sure that you can have a slip-free operation with this blade at different angles. Blades come in different cutting capabilities and thickness, so choose based on your individual needs.


Multi tool blades come with different uses. So, check whether it can be used in households, workshops, and other projects. You must buy the best product that can satisfy your application needs.


You must also consider the price of the tool. Buy the product that perfectly suits your standards and budget. You must remember that the price of the blades is not a basis for its quality. Choose quality blades that you can afford.

Quality and performance

It is also a good idea to check the performance and quality of the product. Is it long-lasting? Does it perform well? With this, you can make sure that the time, budget, and effort you invest for it are all worth it.


There are lots of brands in the market, but you’re not sure if it is compatible with your tool. If you want to get a good investment, make sure to consider the above buying factors. With this review, we hope that you already pick your favorite one for your specific project. Multi tool blades can be your best tool to make your project successful. Therefore, you must only choose a high-quality product that can perform well and offer you the highest satisfaction you need. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!