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Windproof lighters are not hard to find today. You can go online or buy them from stores easily without any trouble, but the challenge is finding high-quality windproof lighters which are durable and reliable.

If you want the best windproof lighter, it is vital that you make smart choices during your purchase. For instance, only buy from well-known and trusted manufacturers and brands. It is also essential to buy a windproof lighter that other people have used and reviewed or recommended.

Like any other product, not all windproof lighter is on the same standard, whether it is the design, the mechanism, the material used or overall quality. So, to help you buy the best windproof lighter, here is a list that can help you out.

Tesla Windproof Arc Coil Lighter

This is the best windproof lighter among others on our list not just because of its brand, but because of its performance. The product uses a Tesla Arc Coil, which is powered using a long-lasting accumulator. This accumulator can be easily recharged with a USB adapter. On a full charge, the lighter can be used about 100 to 300 times, with a full charge lasting up to 6 or more days. On top of this, this windproof lighter is extremely safe, easy to use, and lightweight.

Scorch Torch Aficionado Lighter

If you are looking for the best windproof lighter that is extremely lightweight while also promising high-standards on all aspects, then the Scorch Torch Aficionado Lighter is perfect for you. What makes this lighter so unique is that it uses butane gas, and also comes with a control feature that allows you to adjust the flame. Another unique feature is that the lighter uses an exclusive ignition system known as Piezo electric system, making it extremely reliable and long-lasting. Besides, its modern design adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Xikar Stratosphere lI Lighter

The Xikar Stratosphere II windproof lighter boasts of a compact and lightweight design, making it very easy to carry around with you anywhere you go. This small-flame windproof lighter is fuel-powered by butane, which can provide a single yet powerful flame. You will not have any trouble lighting it up even under harsh weather conditions. The lighter uses a simple thumb activation, and the protective lid comes with a spring. If you are looking for the best windproof lighter that is also durable and compact, then this lighter from Xikar is your best option.

Nova Electric Plasma Lighter

This windproof lighter from Nova is a double arc lighter that can be recharged using a USB adapter, a common feature that that many of our best windproof lighter list share. What makes this lighter so great is that it is extremely versatile and can be used for lighting almost everything from cigarettes to campfires. This speaks volumes on how powerful the flame is, while also being very safe to use. On top of this, the windproof lighter boasts of a sleek and lightweight design, and long battery life when fully charged.

OBON MINI Windproof Coil Slim Lighter

This is a unique, flameless lighter that is powered by electricity. All you have to do to make sure that it works is charge it using a USB adapter. The battery, which has been specially designed by OBON for this lighter, can be charged more than a hundred cycles. Moreover, the fact that it is completely flameless makes it very safe to use anytime, anywhere. So, if you are looking for the best windproof lighter that is easy to use, has a sleek and lightweight design and can be carried around easily everywhere, then the OBON MINI Windproof Coil Slim Lighter is perfect for you.

Zippo Matte Lighter

This unique and aesthetically appealing lighter from Zippo has a matte design and comes in a series of attractive colors. Made from metal, it is activated using the conventional Zippo click. The best windproof lighter that is also lightweight, it has replaceable flints, and it can be refilled easily. Powered by the Zippo premium fuel, which is sold separately, this lighter provides a strong and reliable flame. What’s more? Its USA manufacturer promises a lifetime guarantee of fixing it if your lighter has any issues.

Bolt USB Rechargeable Lighter

This Bolt windproof lighter is the best windproof lighter if you want a product that you can easily carry around with you, without having to compromise on performance and design. To make it more portable, it even comes with a pouch. The lighter can be charged using a USB adapter. When fully charged, you can use it for about 100 to 300 times, meaning that it is highly long-lasting and durable. Apart from its high-quality performance, this windproof lighter also boasts of a sleek and modern design.

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