Best Toddler Headphones Review

The world has technologically turned around for the last two decades where even kids and toddlers use iPads and smartphones. No doubt these gadgets provide ease of access but when toddlers’ safeties are concerned it is advisable to provide them safety with technology such as Toddler Headphones. They consist of a pair of earphones connected by a band that runs over the head. Such headphone comes in various designs, colors, and functionalities. The question is why should toddlers be provided with toddler headphones instead of any regular headphones?

1. Increased level of safety

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1.1 billion people quarter of which includes toddlers are prone to developing hearing loss and this loss can be attributed to unsafe audio devices and exposure to high levels of sound. The minimum level of sound which is safe to hear is said to be about less than 85 decibels. Therefore, toddler headphones are designed in a way to control the frequency of sound and they make sure that the sound is made safer for toddlers.

2. Noise cancellation

While using regular headphones, toddlers can increase the volume when the environment becomes noisy. Special toddler headphones are capable of canceling environmental noise. This noise-canceling feature makes the voice clear so there is no need for them to turn up the volume. For instance, if they are traveling in an airplane where the engine noise can disturb them, with the toddler headphone, the noise is reduced to a great extent.

3. Levels of control

The toddler headphone has a preset maximum volume limiter which is set by the guardian. Even if the child tries to increase the volume he cannot do it because of the present restriction. This even adds more security. Apart from it, the headphone might have the duration limit too. According to the recent survey which is conducted by the University of Iowa Health’s Department, it is safe to use the headphone for about 8 hours. The duration limiter ensures the duration does not exceed the prescribed limit.

4. Reasonable price

Sometimes when the kids are not gentle they might throw away the headphone. Toddler headphone is cheap and made of durable plastic so even if it is thrown the headphone still functions. A regular headphone is expensive so it might break or stop functioning on a minor hit.

In the market, you can get different models of toddler headphones. They come in a different size, color and comfort level. Before you go and buy a set of toddler headphones there are certain things you’ll need to consider:

1. Color

Toddler headphones are available in different colors ranging from dull color to bright neon. Before buying a toddler headphone make sure it complements the gender or your kids’ choicest color. Typically, boys prefer dull colors while girls prefer neon or pinks.

2. Design

Apart from the color, the design is something you should be concerned about because your child can be choosy. They come in various designs such as rubber butterflies, LED cat wear or droopy rabbit ears. These can be detached from the headphone and can be bought separately.

3. Comfort of cushions

The headphone should be comfortable and soft to wear. This is ensured by the cushioning of the earphones on either side of the headphone. The cushioning comes in different thicknesses and qualities. You can definitely wear them on and try which ones softer.

4. Foldable

Some toddler headphones are flexible and foldable. They are made of reinforced silicon or made in connected parts so they occupy less space and are more luggage friendly. The silicon headphone often provides better grip and support.

5. Wireless or Wired

Although wired headphones are much cheaper the wires can crack or can get tangled. The tangled wires build up tension which breaks the internal wires and disturbs the functioning. Wireless headphones, which are connected via Bluetooth, are more portable and long-lasting. If the child is listening to nursery rhymes he can connect it from a distance so the cell phone doesn’t need to be taken everywhere along.

6. Auditory health

Toddler headphones have a different class of music volumes. Some headphones are designed for loudness while some for bass boosted music. Therefore, before buying the best headphone choose the one that provides a clear sound that is healthy to listen to. Some are so safe that they reduce the bass of the original music when the beats become louder.

7. Price

Some headphones can be expensive because of the more specifications and brand name. Before buying the headphone we should see our available budget. A regular toddler headphone can cost about $15-20 which is a pretty fair amount. But some over-rated companies sell them for about a hundred dollars.

8. Quality

The headphone must be of good quality. Some companies even provide a yearly warranty or even a 7-day free return to win the customers’ confidence in their product. Some have imprinted safety standards like ISO 9001. This ensures that the product has passed all the safety tests and hence is safe for your child.


Toddler headphones are pretty much safe and they ensure that the toddler’s auditory health is maintained. It is better to make safety your priority but side by side we should also educate kids about safe listening practices. We should warn them about the noise-induced ear damage and should set some ground rules on either the time limit or the volume limit. There is a rule that goes if you are at one arm’s distance from your child and he cannot listen to you while headphones on then the sound is unsafe for him/her. By this general rule, you can check your child’s responsiveness and hence safety. Toddlers must be made mindful of the consequences of listening to loud music and the immediate causes of noise-induced harms.

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