Best Magnetic Case Review

Best Magnetic Case Review

Whether it is a silicone phone case or a magnetic case, the ultimate aim is to protect your phone from scratches and drops. The generic silicone cover is made of high tempered silicone that is resistant to high temperatures and often provides a strong grip. By providing support against drop and abrasion, a magnetic case employs a special technology called adsorption technology. The adsorption technology is based on the concept of sorption in which the phone holder consists of tiny sieves that allows ventilation with the air mixture. As a result, the phone is completely dry from the back which in case of silicone can build up moisture creating a water blob inside. It can either be an adsorption tempered glass or high-quality adsorption silicon. The magnetic case consists of two transparent sides that slap against each other with the smartphone in between. To support them from becoming separated a metal sidebar runs along the edge. This metallic sticker increases strength and protection. There are various designs of magnetic case you might love to use. Some of them are enlisted below:

1. Leather Magnetic Case

It is made of synthetic animal leather adding a professional look and provide ultra-grip with canvas style. It is only about 14mm thick and has two card slots at the back, allowing you to go cash-less. The integrated metal sidebar is strong magnets and does not interfere with any wireless connectivity. The metal plate is thicker at the top and this cutout design even supports Qi wireless charging. The colors available are black, brown, beige and white. This type of cover can be bought only for $14.

2. Car mount case

This magnetic case provides 8-10 feet to drop protection. It also includes a magnetic car vent mount so it can be used for tracking and following the GPS without having to hold the phone all the way. The edges are made of metal topped with silicone to provide support and grip. The silicone at the edges is knurled and textured for a better grip. This too supports wireless charging only when unmounted from car vent. It costs you about $25.

3. Kickstand case

It is made of clear see-through silicone that is scratch proof. It provides minimal drop protection as the metallic sidebar is much thicker. At the back, this magnetic case includes a ring grip and a kickstand. The ring grip protects your phone from falling down while with the kickstand rests against the surface helping you watch your movies and shows while having your brunch or dinner. As it contains less metal it is relatively cheaper only costing you about $9.

4. Luxurious Leather

It is quite expensive because it is made of handcrafted high quality tanned Italian leather. The core is made of polycarbonate which provides support and prevents the leather case from wear and tear. The metallic sidebars are thicker to support Qi wireless charging. The buttons are also leather made providing an easy push. The handcrafted one can cost you about $50-60.

5. Budget-friendly

It is quite inexpensive because it utilizes low-grade silicone and magnet. It just provides basic care and protection against minor scratches. The front of this case has a raised lip along with the screen that adds a better grip around the cell phone. The magnet is brittle and can rust easily. This case will cost you about less than $6.

6. Wood-back

This unique customized wood case can print any pattern at its back. The wood can be of any type but in most magnetic cases, cherry wood is used because it holds the print longer than other types of wood. On the front side, it is made of gorilla scratch-proof glass to protect the phone’s screen. The wood adds military-grade protection and works as anti-shock. The polished cherry wood is lustrous and feels good when touched. This kind of case can be bought for $22-25 depending on the type of wood you want to customize it with.

7. Aramid Fiber

Aramid fiber is a synthetic fiber that is resistant to both heat and shocks. These fibers are used in armor, space crafts, and jet engines. When combined with a metal frame, it provides hard-to-beat protection against drops. The aramid fibers are thin so it barely feels like your phone has a case. The metal used is rustproof and wireless charging friendly. These covers are often reinforced with ultra-thin metal plates that fasten the wireless charging.

8. Diamond-bling

This type of case offers little protection against drops because thinness is its limelight. Its back side consists of very shiny lustrous metal like chromium. The metal is often painted in feminine colors like purple, pink and green. Around the edges, it consists of strong metallic sidebars embedded with stones and gems. This glitter really makes your phone stand out in the crowd. The back can be used with a ring to prevent the precious metal from drop related scratches. The TPU metal provides precise cutouts and easy push buttons to control your cellphone. This luxury design can be a window dressed with artificial diamonds or even a real diamond casting.

9. Pop socket

Pop-socket cases are engineered for ultimate mobile protection. It is a combination of premium grade metal, made more flexible and safe with its magnetic lock features. It might feel bulky but is employed as an extra measure of security. The premium metal enables zero connection interference promoting wireless charging. The cleverly designed sidebars protect the phone against inevitable drops. At the back, it is super-glued with a retractable soft-spring pop socket which is used to hold the phone because the metal can be slippery. While at the same time it offers foolproof adsorption technology.

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