Best Dive Computer Watch Review

Best Dive Computer Watch Review

Dive computer watch, of recent, have become a very important tool of diving for divers and people who are into multi-sport activities. They are available in different modes, design and functionality.

What is a Dive Computer?

This is a device mostly used by scuba divers to enhance their diving and underwater experience. It is very hard nowadays to see a scuba diver go on diving adventures without the companion of this device. With the ability of most modern scuba computers to monitor depth and bottom time, calculate decompression levels, track nitrogen loading and so on, scuba diving is taking on a more fun, safe and easier turn and producing richer and more enjoyable underwater experience.

Types of Dive computers

There are different types and modes that have been designed, manufactured, upgraded and evolved over time to make scuba diving much safer and fun than it used to be. The types available include:

Console dive computer

This is the most traditional type. It is a replacement for the old style of gauge console that has an analogue pressure gauge, a compass, and a depth gauge. The new console dive computer watch, however, consists of a data bank that stores all dive data, tank pressure, and digital compass. It is very easy to use. Some come with convenient quick-release fittings that allow you to disconnect them from the hose during the process of data downloading and storage.

Wrist dive computer

This type has contoured designs that enable it to be moulded to a diver’s forearm. They are usually low-profile and compact with large screens. Some of this type has wireless air integration which monitors tank pressure, and allow for the factoring of air consumption into the calculation of decompression.

Dive computer watch

These designs are becoming more implemented in modern times. They combine wristwatch designs and an underwater dive computer watch into a powerful scuba diving instrument. A lot of scuba divers are now going for this type than the other types or styles because it is usually stylish and can be worn as a regular wristwatch during regular work weeks.

The Hands-Free Dive Computer

These types are advanced styles that are usually attached to the scuba oxygen mask. It is designed to ensure complete immersion in your diving. It has a floating heads-up display which uses precision technology and near-eye optics to feed you with important information about your diving. You can use the simple push-wheel knob attached to this hands-free to navigate through the menu. Whenever you don’t need a computer screen, it automatically tilts up and moves out of your vision.

Recommended latest versions

While it is hard to pick or select the best of dive computer watch that you can purchase, here are try three of the latest. They are fitted with the latest technology and rank very high on the usability scale.

GARMIN Descent MK1

This is the first attempt by Garmin at the production of this device, and this product is definitely worth it. It comes as a strong product with a colourful display. It offers awesome features like GPS and maps for use during other activities such as cycling, golfing, swimming and others. It offers more than just diving features, it is a multi-sport wristwatch. The Descent MK1 also offers a lot of downloadable apps on both Android and iOS devices.

With advanced features like:

  • Full-featured computer complete with a surface GPS and TOPO mapping
  • Inbuilt sensors which include 3-axis compass, barometric altimeter, GPS and GLONASS which allows you to mark the entry and exit points of your dive for navigation on the surface, as well as a gyroscope.
  • Selection modes for single or multiple gas dives, gauge, closed-circuit rebreather (CCR), and apnea allows you to plan your dives right from your device.
  • Dive logs that stores your dive data up to 200 dives and allows you easily review them or share online with the Garmin ConnectTM and its available mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.
  • Also incorporates an ElevateTM wrist heart rate monitor technology, multi-sport activity profiles, smart notifications and performance metrics. Giving you the best of a smart dive computer watch.
  • Up to 19 days of battery life in watch mode, 10 days of battery life in the smartwatch mode, 20 hours battery life in GPS mode, and 40 hours of battery life in dive mode.
  • It is available in titanium bezel and strap. The Garmin Descent MK1, however, does not have air integration incorporated into it. This means you won’t be able to monitor your air from the device.

Suunto D5

This is the newest upgrade of the popular D4i Novo series. This device from Suunto comes with a LED colour screen, rechargeable battery and allows for Bluetooth connections. This is one of the safest models out there, and it also has a Tank POD air integration transmitter.

Some of its features are:

  • Provision of dive details on-screen. Select from 4 different dive modes and navigate the intuitive menu with three buttons that allow you to switch easily between settings and view. It allows for easy diving.
  • Transferring of dive data and logs to your mobile device via Bluetooth is quite easy. It also has a Suuntos App that you can download where you can add your photos and underwater scuba dive experience with friends.
  • You can change the strap of your Suunto D5 quite easily. It comes with a quick-release system, and you can choose strap colours that match your diving gear, or other dress modes.
  • You can always get updates about your gas pressure straight from your watch. If you connect your Suunto D5 dive computer watch with the Tank POD before diving, you get to monitor your tank pressure wirelessly from your wrist.

The Shearwater Teric

This is another quality and powerful devicefrom Shearwater. It comes incorporated with an AMOLED display which produces more awesome display than the LED technology and consumes less power. It is quite expensive than the previous two above. Some of the packed features of the Shearwater Teric are:

  • Air integration which allows you to monitor your air directly from your watch during dives.
  • Up to 2 optional transmitters
  • 3-axis digital compass that has tilt compensation.
  • Bluetooth LE connectivity that allows you to connect the device to your smartphone.
  • Audible and vibration alerts that can be toggled on and off at will.
  • Comes fitted with OC REC 3 gas nitrox.
  • Like the others, the Shearwater Teric offers a free-diving mode, nitrox recreational mode and gauge mode. The watch also has a full open-circuit multi-gas and trimix compression.

This is the best way to go if you’re looking for a device that is highly mobile, multi-performing and can fit into different aspects of your lifestyle. So, gear up, strap up, and have a fun dive experience!

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