Arc Lighters: Types and Use

arc lighter

Out with the traditional and in with the Modern. Arc Lighters are the new way to go. As against the traditional models that produce flames to provide light, plasma lighters go more of the electricity way.

What are Arc Lighters?

They are simply what they are, Electric lighter! They follow nature’s principle to produce light. Most types of electric lighters work when the ionized gas allows for electrons to flow through it. When the button on it is pushed, these electrons quickly get ionized and when they get to their maximum throttle, they spread into the air. The air gets ionized and the spark created by the nodes starts to move, leading to electricity.

They have +ve and -ve electrodes that allow the spark to travel through opposite directions until the electrodes finally connect to form an arc. This arc, typically, is electricity which possesses a high level of intensity that allows it to ignite various things like cigarettes, candle, and other things. They are powered by rechargeable batteries and therefore, do not have any need for fuel or the likes. They are a very huge advance on the traditional lighter model.

Why Arc lighter?

Now that you have an idea of what a plasma lighter is, and the basic way it works, you might still be wondering if you should use the product, and why? Here are some reasons you might consider that will help you see the need for this type of lighter.

  • The first thing to note is that it stands in a position way better than the traditional lighter, this is a good reason to get one for yourself. Better is always better you know!
  • They help to keep the budget in check due to their reusable nature. Traditional lighters are usually one-use-to-dispose, but electric lighters can be used all over again. All you need do is charge the lighter when it gets low, and you’re good to go again.
  • The reusable feature of the lighter also makes it environmentally protective, because it ensures less waste which is very essential for the environment.
  • They do not create flames or fire, they instead produce light with electricity. This makes them safer than traditional lighter types.
  • They are quite usable in any situation as against the types that require you to be in an environment with minimal breeze or wind because they don’t create flames
  • They are powerful and can be used to light about just anything you wish to light up.
  • They come with USB ports for easy charging. They do not take any special skill set to be charged. All you need is a USB based charger.
  • They come in awesome designs that you can select from the one that meets your style and personality.


These lighters are highly awesome and successful, and very conveniently, have overthrown the traditional lighters. However, there are two different types of this lighter. They come in different styles and design that you can choose from but are differentiated by the style of their arc.

Single Arc Lighters

This type has a single arc that forms through the diagonal crisscrossing of the electrodes. They are less powerful than the double arc and less efficient as well. They make up for this reduced efficiency with a long-lasting battery life which makes them perfect for mobile use. You can easily bring them along when travelling or taking an adventure.


  • They consume less power battery and, therefore, makes the battery life more long-lasting.
  • They are less heavy on the pocket than their counterpart.
  • They come in handy for places where continuous recharge of the battery is not feasible, low or altogether impossible.


  • They have lesser power, are less effective and, therefore, take a longer time to ignite or light up objects.

Double Arc Lighters

These types are more common and preferred to the single arc lighters. As the name suggests, they come with double arcs. They form a double arc that creates a perfect X. This presence of double arcs makes the lighter more powerful and allows it to generate electricity faster than the other type. This makes the double arc electric lighters consume and burn through their battery life way faster than the other type.


  • They are very efficient and the perfect type for quick work and efficiency.
  • The USB ports that come fitted with the lighters mean that there is no problem with charging. You can easily charge your lighter as the need arises.
  • They are highly powerful and can ignite or light things up in a matter of seconds. This speed, coupled with their efficiency makes the double arc lighter a value buy.


  • It is more expensive
  • Since the lighters are very powerful, they drain their battery way faster than single arc lighters up to two times over. For this reason, they need to be constantly charged and might not be good for journeys.

Which should I buy?

If you are asking that question in your mind, then you can use the below guidelines to make your buying decision.

The purpose which the lighter will serve. Are you using it in your household or as a portable cigarette and cigar lighter? The former will be good for a double arc lighter, while the latter use of cigarette lighting will most require a longer-lasting battery of the single plasma/arc lighter.

The durability of the body and the battery life should also be taken into consideration when making a purchase.

Other things to consider to help you make a purchase decision are recharge time, battery life, ease of use, generation of power, efficiency and so on.

Arc lighters are awesome upgrades from the regular or traditional lighter types and are therefore the new way to go.

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