Smart Padlock Review

Safety and security of your home or commercial building are essential for your peace of mind. With this, you must have the best partner to keep your property secured. If you want to level up the security of your home or business, you can prefer for smart padlock. This technology can be an efficient locking system to protect your home. It also comes with auto-locking and built-in alarms features. Meanwhile, it is a little bit expensive compared to other standard locks. There are available brands in the market, so you must be careful in choosing the best product for your individual needs.

To make your search easy, we review the best smart padlocks you can choose for your property’s security.

Igloohome Smart Padlock

If you want a flexible smart padlock, Igloohome is for you. It works with or without a connection. It is highly customizable and comes with hardened steel shackle which can be swapped out for bigger shapes on their site.


  • Airbnb app integration and scheduled lock sharing and history
  • Long-lasting battery life and features durable construction that is weather-resistant


  • It is a little bit expensive and doesn’t come with biometrics, and you can’t remotely see access history

Dog & Bone Locksmart

The Dog & Bone Locksmart is the ideal padlock for you if you want a more innovative one. Your security can be managed through Bluetooth connection that has built-in encryption for your key. It can also make virtual keys for scheduled use by others.


  • Comes with high durability and strength
  • Features hardened steel shackle and long-lasting battery for about 3000 openings without the need of recharging
  • Die-cast Zamak 3 zinc alloy body that can withstand brute force measures


  • Some customers find it a little bit pricey

eGeeTouch Outdoor Smart Padlock

The eGeeTouch Outdoor lock can support about 5 NFC fobs. The product comes with one, but you can purchase additional fobs if you want. It is an efficient security device that can resist rugged weather and smart to manage multiple users. You must pair it with the NFC fob instead of memorizing a code.


  • It comes with NFC fob for securing a gate, toolbox, shed and more, it is weather-resistant
  • Long-lasting battery life and can be paired with your smartwatch or smartphone


  • Complicated setup and doesn’t include charging cable
  • The paid app needed to pair over 5 NFC fobs

WGCC Bluetooth Padlock

The WGCC electronic padlock is IP65-rated for dust and water resistance. With this, it will not short out due to moisture. One unique feature of this product is its boron shackle that can’t be easily shimmed or cut. It is powered by 130 mAh battery, which allows the lock to standby for about one month. You can recharge it using a Micro USB port.


  • IP65 water-resistant
  • The biometric lock can hold 15 fingerprints
  • HomeKit compatible for remote access


  • It can be small for big fences and has a low standby battery life
  • The app needlessly requires password and username

Master Lock 4401DLH Bluetooth Padlock

Master Lock can be your innovative partner for your security needs. It is loaded with more advanced features that can give you a high level of satisfaction. It is not IP-rated, but it comes with an extra-long shackle that makes it perfect for securing sheds, gates, tool chests, or garages. It is simple to set up because of its Master Lock Vault eLocks app. The app gives you access to alter your property’s manual entry code. You can also change the way how your smartphone interacts with the lock. You can share scheduled usage of the lock with your coworkers or guests.


  • Schedule lock sharing and history, it has easy battery jumping and comes with solid battery life
  • It has 2-piece rubber weather cover and boron carbide shackle that can’t easily cut by common bolt cutters


  • The app needs password and username for all users
  • It can be easily opened by brute force and doesn’t come with biometrics

Upon learning some of the top smart padlocks in the market, we hope that you already picked your favorite one you can use for securing your home or business.

Important Tips in Choosing a Smart Padlock

With lots of brands in the market, you must know the best tips on choosing the best smart padlock for your security needs. In this section, we will reveal to you the factors to consider on buying your lock.

Battery life

Make sure to get a lock that comes with long-lasting battery life. You can prefer a rechargeable battery to make the best use of it.

Quality performance

Security is important, so you must only choose a lock with quality performance. You must ensure that it can offer reliable protection for your peace of mind.


Different products come at a separate cost. So, you must select the one that perfectly suits your standards, needs, and, most of all, to your hard-earned budget. With this, you can get the one that can offer great value for your money.


You must also consider the extra features of the product before buying it. Does it work with Bluetooth connection? Is it weather-resistant, tough, and durable? Is it easy to set up? Does it come with biometrics? The features of the product are important to ensure that you can have the best safety and security for your home or business.


A smart padlock can be your efficient tool to secure your residential or commercial property. However, there are lots of products available in the market. With that, you must choose wisely to make sure that the time, budget, and effort you entrusted to it are all worth it. Do you want a more advanced lock system for your safety and security? What are you waiting for? Get your reliable smart padlock today! It can be easily connected to your smartphone so that you can monitor your property. Even more important, you can also add CCTV cameras around your area to monitor who is trying to invade your place.

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