Everything You Wanted to Know About ROKU ERROR CODE 016

When someone asks about the best streaming device the first name that comes in mind is Roku. It’s been so many years but the Roku device is still on number #1. Everything is perfect with this device except for one thing and that is Roku Error Code 016. 

From YouTube to Netflix or any other videos, Roku will stream everything for you. But you just have to provide the device an internet connection with good speed. Whenever the device faces some kind of issue with the connection, it starts showing Roku Error 016. 

We understand your feelings and that is why we have come up with this informative, amazing and well-researched article. What you need is to follow all the steps in the given manner to resolve the issue.

Are you ready? 

Let’s know a little about the issue and then we will move a step ahead to resolve it.

What Is Roku Error Code 016?

When you will see the message of Roku Error Code 016 it simply means that your device is facing trouble connecting with the internet. Along with the error, you will also see a message “unable to connect with the wireless network”. 

Now there can be several reasons behind the issue and we have mentioned them below. You just have to find the main cause and with the help of the steps given below, troubleshoot them all. 

Let’s start…

Reasons Behind Roku Error Code 016

After proper study and practical work, we have mentioned some of the main reasons behind the issue. Check which one is troubling your device. 

  • Poor internet connection
  • Blockage in internet service provider
  • Failure of DNS. 
  • Back End Issue
  • Distance between Router and Roku.
  • Incorrect Password. 

Methods To Resolve Roku Error Code 016

Check The Internet Connection

As we all know that our device should be connected well with the internet connection. As Roku is the streaming device hence, it needs a proper and fast internet. So, to check the speed of your network, it would be better if you will perform a quality test.

Don’t you know how to do that? It’s very easy!!!

You just have to click on the “settings” and then perform a two-part connectivity test. With the help of this, you will easily get to know about the speed and strength. 

In case you will find a bad network strength then it would be good if you contact your internet service providers. 

Roku And Router Device Distance

The distance between the Roku and the Router is also mattered a lot. Hence, check where you have put your Roku device. In case the distance between the both is too much then you can minimize the distance by putting the Roku closer to the router. 

Also, there should not be any concrete or brick wall in between both the devices. 

Incorrect Password

First, make sure that you are connected with the right network. Apart from that, check if you have entered the right password or not. Many times people forget to ON the caps lock, hence make sure that you use the lock if you have used. 

Restart The Device

This is one of the easiest ways to resolve the issue of Roku Error Code 016. You just have to restart both the devices i.e Roku and router. And for the same plug out all the wires and let the device off for a while. 

Plug in all the wires again and turn them ON. check if you are connected with the internet or not. 

To restart the device manually, just go to the “settings” first. Click on the “system” and then click on the “system restart”. 

The Roku device will take some time to restart, in the mean don’t interrupt. 

Back End Server Issue

Check on the web about any Roku updates. As it is possible that due to bad weather the router is not working and we call it back end server issue. 

In this case, you can’t do anything. Just sit relax and wait until the issue get solved from the back end. And once you will get to know that the reason behind the cause of the Back end server, then don’t try to troubleshoot anything then. 

Sometimes it’s good to sit relax and not to be over smart. 

And In The End…

In the end, we just want to say that it’s not always possible for all the errors the company is responsible. Several other times, it’s the responsibility of the users to use the device carefully. If you do that then we assure that you will never face any issue in your whole life. 

Some tips that we want to suggest you are, don’t forget to update the device, don’t put the device far from router, don’t put the Roku on any setup box or under direct sunlight. 

Thank you so much! We hope with the help of this article you have now an error-free Roku device. 

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