Solar Plant for Corporate Place – The Lifetime Extension of a Solar Plant

The oceans are dying, animal and plant species are getting destroyed everyday by the hundreds, and the times, flexibly call for the biosphere to make a move to a substitute fuel. A fuel that can offer both the reliability and usability of fossil fuels. While car manufacturers have decided that cars driven by batteries are the future, even that comes with the disadvantages of its own.

In what way would it be formerly to use something that is possibly the most plentiful source of energy: the sun? Solar power has been everywhere for a while, but is yet to receive general acceptance.

For some of the big names in the world, solar energy is the next big thing. Solar energy help to reduce an establishment’s environmental foot-mark and also boosts theirbrand image. These energy mills are expensive to set up but need less maintenance and become self-sustaining over a period of time. This translates to great return on investment to corporationswho opt for it.The marketability of solar energy in the world owes a lot of its growth to funding from the centralized government in the form of tax credits and repayments. These plans help to reduce the cost of solar panels and panel installation, making solar systems even more cost-effective as well as profitable investments.

Although many manufacturers offer to mount solar plateson-site, you may also solicit the services of a professional solar installation company fuel your commercial use. A solar panel installation company will assess your energy needs and suggest the right kind of panel for your home. They will set it up for you and also perform annual maintenance. The outcome is solar power to fuel your commercial needs, lesser carbon foot print, and a considerable savings!

Increasing the lifespan of a solar system: –

In a solar system, the core power integrated circuit technology device is the electrical equipment inverter that helps to converts the direct current electricity from solar panels into the alternating current.Inverters are manufactured from numerouscomponent technologiessuch assubmissive filters, dynamic switches, thermal administration, and packaging. These parts are however subject to wear and tear due to everyday usage, faults, and other out of the usualincidences like electromagnetic disturbances. This reduces inverter performance and radically limits its lifetime, leading to part replacement requirementsand thereby puts a toll on operating costs.However, by following a few tips you can improve the life of your solar installation. 

For a better life of the solar system follow these points: – 

  1. Innovative component technologies and original circuit designs can reduce the number of parts inside an inverter. This also means fewer parts will fail and thereby your system is bound to be more efficient. 
  2. Wide-bandgap semiconductor switches permit inverters to function at much higher temperatures withfewer power losses, leading to fewer power failures and extended system lifetime. 
  3. Though solar panels aren’t fragile, improper installation can cause unprecedented failure. Careless installation will ruin your investment and you will be left high and dry with a solar system that doesn’t produce the power you need. To avoid untimely degradation of your solar project, the overall structure, and the panels being used play an important role. Hire a professional who understands the nitty-gritties of solar installation to get the best out of your installation.

Applying these strategies, theproductivity level of asolar system will be boosted by more than 95 percent.

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Sunil Rathi

Director- sales & marketing 
WAAREE Energies Ltd

Mr. Sunil Rathi is an assiduous, inquisitively power electronics engineer with an exceptional Sales and Marketing knowledge backed by a degree of MBA. He has a robust record of expertise acquired over 24 years in Solar EPC Companies and Power Electronics Industry. His proven strategic vision facilitated in firmly establishment of the brand and himself as a stalwart in the solar industry.

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