Roomba 805 Review

iRobot has been a revolutionary figure in the industry, after the introduction of autonomous cleaning robots to the market. Keeping your household free of dust and dirt is a straightforward process, thanks to the company’s Roomba lineup.

As a consumer, you want to select a model which suits your requirements, as there are several variants available from iRobot. Although the Roomba 805 is one of the older models, it continues to be extremely popular among homeowners.

The major reason is that it comes with a myriad of features, making it an excellent value for money product. Let’s dive in to see why consumers can’t get enough of this cleaning bot:

Roomba 805 Design

Like most of the products in the Roomba lineup, the 805 has the same rounded shape. It comes with two rolling extractors, a side brush, and a pair of wheels. Weighing 8.4 pounds (3.8 kg), this autonomous cleaner is lightweight. You get it in only one color, black, and can move in any direction, as it can spin to change the route.

There are five buttons you will find on the Roomba 805:

  • Clean

It turns on or switches off the autonomous cleaner.

  • Clock

Set the time at which you want this product to clean your house.

  • Dock

Sends the cleaner back to the docking station to recharge its battery.

  • Schedule

Determine how often you want the autonomous cleaner to remove dust and dirt from your house.

  • Spot

Activates accurate/deep cleaning in a particular part of your household with a diameter of 3 feet (91 cm).

Due to clearance of 3.6 inches (9.1 cm), it won’t face any trouble navigating under a variety of counter edges and furniture. It is easy to remove, replace, and clean the parts

Roomba 805 Features

The Roomba 805 review comes with AeroForce Cleaning System, which makes it an excellent product to clean your household. Thanks to its high-efficiency filter, it can capture a maximum of 99% of the particles, pollen, and allergens in your property in the 10-micron range. As it has the AeroForce technology, it can produce up to five times the regular airpower when compared to the older models, to improve cleaning efficiency. However, it tends to be on the noisier side, so you will notice the bot when it is in your room.

It comes with plenty of smart sensors, which allow it to navigate through your household. You can create two types of virtual barriers and create boundaries for the cleaning robot. With this feature, you have the power to prevent this bot from leaving your room or ensure it doesn’t come in contact with delicate valuables in your house. One downside is that it doesn’t give you information on where it is going to go. Similarly, it doesn’t keep track of its progress, so you won’t know how much of your house it cleaned. Also, its sensors prevent it from falling down the stairs, which prevents accidental damage.

The schedule feature allows you to program the bot to clean your household seven times every week. It won’t find it hard to remove pet hair from your property, thanks to the powerful suction capability. As per the Roomba 805 review, these objects won’t clog up the system, as it uses tangle-free extractors.

It comes with a soft-touch bumper, which gives it the ability to detect barriers and obstacles. In the Roomba 805 review, it comes with the side brush, which pushes dirt and debris towards its pathways, making it easier to clean.

Regardless of the floor type of your house, the Roomba 805 won’t face any trouble operating on it. Whether you have a hardwood surface, carpet, or tiles, or a mix and match of all these materials, it can transition smoothly. Thanks to its auto-adjust property, it can change the height, depending on the type of floor.

Roomba 805 Battery life

The Roomba 805 review comes with a lithium-ion battery, which will last an hour or two with a single charge. The battery life depends on the type of surface it has to operate on, during a cleaning session. You can use the docking station to recharge the battery of this product.

An excellent feature is that the Roomba 805 review returns to its charging station after it completes the scheduled cleaning program. On average, it will take you 3 hours to recharge the battery to its maximum capacity.

Who should buy the Roomba 805 review?

If you are on the lookout for a free cleaning product which requires minimal supervision, the Roomba 805 review will meet your requirements. Keep in mind that you should monitor the activity of the robot, as it can get stuck. The main reason is due to the lack of WiFi control, due to which, you can’t change the vacuum settings or control the robot remotely. When compared to the older models, the Roomba 805 review is a great house cleaning product.

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