Features and uses of Garmin Striker 7sv

Garmin Striker 7sv is one of the highest-rated fish finders around. The Fishfinder has a couple of features that sets it apart and makes it the favourite choice of a fish finder.

Highly durable and beautiful design

The Garmin striker 7sv a large, full -colour display housed within a rugged body. It weighs about 24 ounces and has a size of around 9x5x2 inches. It is a very strong fish finder that can withstand bumps on the screen or the body. Garmin striker 7sv is waterproof at a holding rate of 1PX7. This means you can fully immerse your Fish Finder in the water of about 1 metre deep for up to 30 minutes. The Garmin striker 7sv fish finder is highly mobile as it is fitted with a sealed rechargeable battery, making it possible for you to have enough power for your fishing experience.

Beautiful and Easy to use interface

This Fishfinder has a large full -colour WVGA display that is 3.5×6 inches in dimension. The interface has a lot of useful factors on display, such as your current speed and direction which is displayed at the top-corners. Garmin Striker 7sv has a built-in GPS which helps with this crucial information. Helping you to maintain appropriate speed during trolling.

You can check your current depth at the bottom left corner of the Fish finder’s display. It also has a waypoint map which allows you to quickly mark multiple waypoints for easy navigation back to shore or to remember places where you found fishes, obstructions and other discoveries.

Inbuilt Flasher

This is another of the features of Garmin Striker 7sv that makes it a favourite for fishermen. The inbuilt flasher of this fish finder can be used during stationary fishing like fishing bottom-of-the-sea dwellers like halibut fishes, or ice-fishing. The flasher allows you to see the bottom of the water, lets you know if the bottom is muddy or it is rocky, lets you see your bait, and if any fish is present, the flasher helps you see their depth. The inbuilt flasher is a very important tool as it provides real-time updates from the bottom of the water, making your fishing a lot easier.

Conversion of Sound into images

This feature is really awesome. To get the most comprehensive image of the waterways, the Garmin striker 7sv Fish Finder releases sonar frequency based on the CHIRP Sonar. This CHIRP sonar makes use of several waveforms- long and short frequency waves. This enables it to overcome the problem of passing over small objects (longer waves pass over small objects), and shorter sights into the water (short waves won’t get to the bottom of the water). The Fishfinder, deploying the multiple waves will then be able to produce a lot of images that will convey every necessary information to the fisherman. The CHIRP technology used by the Garmin Striker 7sv, allows it to send out 77,200 and 455 kHz frequencies in quick successions to travel far into the water, and capture the smallest of details. It also uses ClearVü, SideVü, and DownVü inbuilt sonar beams to scan as far as 1,100 feet into saltwater and 2,300 feet deep into Freshwater.

The ClearVü sonar and the CHIRP sonar also combine to produce accurate images of any fish or objects around your ship or boat.

The ClearVü sonar uses the same transducer as the CHIRP sonar so it doesn’t add any extra costs or equipment. The two sonars combine to provide an accurate representation of any fish or submerged objects near your vessel.

Comes with the best and highly useful additions

When you buy a new Garmin Striker 7sv, you will discover that it also comes with the most wonderful set of additional tools. Some of the tools include:

  • Garmin CHIRP transducer which is highly efficient and capable, and can produce as much as 260/455/800 kHz frequencies.
  • 12-pin transducer to 4-pin sounder adapter
  • Transom and trolling motor mounts
  • Power adapters and a lot of other accessories like alternative transducers, extra adapters, case mounts, cables and so on that enable you to have your fish finder set up conveniently and give you the best fishing experience.

Made by a reliable company

One other reason why this Garmin Striker 7sv should be your choice fish finder is that the producing company, Garmin is world-renowned, respected and reliable. They make the best of products and never settle for anything less than absolute quality. This gives you a kind of confidence that your purchase of the Garmin Striker 7sv fish finder will be one of your wisest purchase decisions.

The Garmin Striker 7sv is an amazing device. Not just because it is manufactured by one of the best, renowned and reliable company in the world, but because the device itself has been built to best standards. With a very high waterproof rating, beautiful, large, clear and colourful display, the Garmin Striker 7sv is your perfect fishing companion. No matter where or when you chose to fish, the Garmin Striker 7sv is with you all the way, helping with navigation by displaying updated travelling speed, depth, direction, and time. With its ability to note waypoints on the GPS, you can be sure of not missing any important landmarks that will guide you to the fishes, keep you away from obstructions and guide you through your fishing session, safely back home! With the inbuilt Sonar technologies, you have accurate pictures of your surrounding, the depth of the water and everything important to your fishing experience. To put it simply, Garmin Striker 7sv is your best Fishing companion.

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