Best Golf GPS For You

Playing a sport is a must. Aside from providing health benefits, sports can also be a way to make more friends and relationships with other people. One of the best and most played sports nowadays is golf. Have you heard of this already? Do you know how to play it? How about the best GPS to play golf?

Well, get yourself now and relax as we are going to give you the top recommended and best golf GPS or Global Positioning System that you might use later on after having some interest in the sport. Given that, let us start with the top and best one!

Garmin Approach S20 Golf GPS Watch

Golfers were concerned with the Garmin GPS watches, for it guarantees terrific interactive information and sophisticated display. Its approach, which uses the Approach S20 was considered as one of the best devices ever made in today’s market.

This S20 features a slim and lightweight wristband that is convenient and durable. As you play, it does not suffocate your wrist. Also, AutoShot is featured in this watch, which is an effective auto recorder of statistics coming from the rounds you make and then upload it automatically to the Garmin Connect account you have.

The connect feature provides you a home wherein you can have efficient monitoring of stats, as well as feedbacks either if the round did well or not.


  • Effective tracking of your activity for information about the distance walked, calories burned, and other stats related to health
  • AuthoShot records the statistics of your round as you play the sport for an efficient and automatic loading onto the Garmin Connect account
  • Several yardage readings for each hole is possible to be seen through its bright display


  • It doesn’t have any full readout, which can provide you with a complete layout of the upcoming hole.

Garmin Approach X40 Golf GPS Watch

Coming from the same brand, the Garmin Approach X40 Golf GPS Watch is also one of the top recommended and trusted models for this category. It uses Approach X40 that is a more compacted GPS wristwatch that gives a lot of details in every round. It has a clear and slender display compared to what the traditional S20 and S60 provides.

The X40 has an app integration that is described as a tremendous one with the connect system of Garmin. So, all of your yardage, putts, and drives are safely recorded for easier and convenient analysis.

Also, the watch works great as a tracker of health that provides instant updates about heart rates, as well as the time of moving on from being stationary for a long time.


  • It has an exceptional job in showing distances to hazards, greens, and yardage that needs to be cleared of doglegs
  • Heart rate is effectively monitored, as well as other health concerns
  • Integration brought about by AutoShot helps a lot in the compilation of statistics for more improvements


  • Golfers who love large displays than the small ones can be off-putting

Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch

So, the Bushnell Neo Ion Golf GPS Watch got the third spot for the best and most recommended brands of a GPS Golf Watch. This GPS watch guarantees exemplary performances with lots of benefits to be provided to the users.

The very feature of this GPS tracker is its long battery life that can last for several hours of the straight tournament. It has the Neo Ion from the Bushnell, which is a durable gadget used to handle itself on the golf course. With preloaded 36,000 courses, the Neo Ion can give you a sporty ambiance that fits the wrist well. In addition to that, the Neo Ion has other exciting features, which is the auto course recognition used for an automatic watch movement. When moving, you are moving to the next tee box with the next hole.


  • Battery life is long-lasting that can provide a total of three rounds in every change
  • From over 30 countries, it has preloaded 36,000 whopping courses
  • Easy to read distances such as the back, center, and font of the green readings


  • Compared to other GPS golf watches, this has a longer learning curve

GolfBuddy GB9 WTX+ Smartwatch Golf GPS

Another effective and recommended brand and model for golf is the GolfBuddy GB9 WTX+ Smartwatch Golf GPS. This watch guarantees effective and beneficial outcomes once used by a golfer. The manufacturer, which is the GolfBuddy, creates a user-friendly watch that has a classic yet advanced and modernized look. Just that, golfers from other clubs and countries are seeking out for this brand.

Moreover, this gadget does a lot of good thing to us. When in-game, this device can help the player to concentrate and focus. It can also help in tracking the health statuses of some people, such as the heart rate. Once this isn’t removed already, you are now going to the tournament proper.


  • Was preloaded with 38,000 courses with additional lifetime updates for free
  • For a safe and smooth transaction of the necessary information, it has a simple touchscreen interface.
  • Shares the wealth of information from pin selection, shot distance, yardage, hole interview, and hazards.


  • GolfBuddy, unfortunately, it is not yet detailed much, as well as unfriendly kids like what Bushnells and Garmin are.

Garmin Approach S60 Golf GPS Watch

Coming from the same manufacturer, this golf GPS also does a remarkable performance when providing the people the most and highly-effective services. We all know that golf is a peculiar and hard sport, yet a lot of people play it, for it is simple and isn’t rigorous. With elegance brought about by the Approach S60, it does an effective integration and wireless connection with other devices. Moreover, this model has a quarantined pass that can be used in the selected areas nearby.


  • Advanced GPS device that is voice-enabled
  • Accurate distances are being provided
  • Loading into something sometimes can be a problem


  • It is best to plan away to a home for more romance and years of togetherness.

Indeed, golf GPS is great to use, especially if you are still a beginner. With all of the abovementioned details about the top 5 scandals, may we be blessed you and your brains.

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