Best 8 IoT gadgets to gift someone on this Christmas

Kids love toys, men love gadgets! 

Functionality and use of gadgets have evolved dramatically in the last decade. Many human problems which once seemed like ever-lasting have now become solvable thanks to the futuristic technologies. One such technology is IoT (Internet of Things). 

IoT technology has made it possible for gadgets to be more interactive and engaging. Using IoT technologies, manufacturers are manufacturing connected gadgets which can be controlled through smartphones. Since these are connected gadgets, they can be used for many purposes. In fact, IoT devices are being used in the healthcare industry and even the military.  But the highest use of IoT devices is seen in the personal lives of the people. So, in this blog, I will list out 7 top IoT devices which you can consider before buying Christmas gift. All these IoT devices are affordable and easily available online. 

Google Home 

Google Home is the best IoT device you can gift someone this Christmas. It is just a speaker and does a whole lot of tasks. Since it establishes a connection with the internet and other IoT devices, one can give several voice commands to Google Home. Not only this, using Google Home, one can play music, set alarm, and control smart lights with the voice command. 

It is available on all major eCommerce sites. In the USA, it costs just $140. 

Amazon Echo 

If you are looking for something more affordable smart speaker, then Amazon Echo does justice with your choice in all ways. Same as Google Home, it acts on your voice command and gives answers to your questions, plays songs, sets alarm, and controls other IoT devices of home or office. 

Amazon Echo costs just $99 and it is available to buy widely. 

Amazon Dash Button 

Gifting someone or buying yourself an Amazon Dash Button can be an affordable and useful idea. Amazon Dash Button is tiny and yet very purposeful IoT device. After an easy set-up, It establishes a connection with the internet and user’s Amazon account. And once the user presses the button of the Amazon Dash Button, the order for any sort of selected item like soft drinks, grocery material, medical and personal care is placed, automatically. 

An Amazon Dash Button costs only $4.99 and it is mainly available on 

Belkin WeMo Smart Light Switch

This is a very simple yet interesting product and receiver will love it. It is basically a smart switch which accepts your voice command and acts on it. You can also operate it using your smartphone. The cost of Belkin WeMo smart Light Switch is $39.95 only and you can purchase one from its official site. 

Flow Air Pollution Monitor 

Most of us are living in polluted cities where poor air quality is a major concern. So, to keep an eagle eye on the real-time air quality, there is one device called Flow Air Pollution Monitor. It is basically a smart IoT air quality monitor which shows real-time air quality data to users on his phone. And since. It is very light in weight, one can carry it so easily. 

The money you need to pay to buy it is $179. And it is available to buy from its official website. 

Nest Smoke Detector

We all have a smoke detector at our home to save it in the event of a fire. But what if, you are not at your home, a fire erupts and smoke detector starts beeping? You can’t save your place. Right?! 

Well, now with the smart smoke detector, in the event of the fire, the smoke detector sends the message to your smartphone and even if you are not your place, you can know about the fire and call emergency services. The market price of the Nest Smoke Detector is $129. 

Ring Doorbell 

Ring Doorbell is one of the most successful and popular IoT devices. The company which is selling Ring Doorbell has sold out more than a million doorbells. It is basically a smart doorbell with the camera which broadcasts the live audio/video to the owner’s smartphone. There are several Ring Doorbell models available in between the range of $99.99 to $499. 


We all are familiar with the kick scooter. But what about the electric scooter which can be unlocked or locked from the mobile app? E-scooters are trending and many startups are deploying e-scooters on the streets and letting people hire those e-scooters. These e-scooters can be hired from a sophisticated mobile app which is developed by the e-scooter app development company. So, if you are living in the city where such a e-scooter rental startup does not exist, you can purchase one and gift someone for a daily commute. A smart e-scooter costs somewhere between $500 to $800. 

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