Best 50cc Scooter For You

When it comes to traveling short distances, 50 cc scooters are king. You can use them for running different errands, such as purchasing groceries from the nearby supermarket, due to its ample amount of storage space.

On top of that, best 50cc scooter tends to be fuel-efficient, allowing you to save significant sums of money in the long run. Due to the versatility of these machines, you will have a great time riding them. These two-wheelers are always going to be an excellent option because you don’t have to spend a lot to acquire one.

However, when you go on the market for the best 50cc scooter, the availability of options feels overwhelming. Given below is a simple guide which will help you choose the best 50cc scooter:

Aprilia SR50

Even though Aprilia is well-known for manufacturing excellent sports motorbikes, you shouldn’t doubt their expertise when it comes to the lower end models. Despite being only 50cc, they brought down some of their sports DNA into this category of machines.

The Aprilia SR50 is one of the best 50cc scooter in the market, as it comes with advanced features. It has liquid cooling, disc brakes in the front and rear, along with fuel injection. There are a lot of after-market tuning parts, which allow you to take this machine to a new level. If you want a scooter with Italian racing pedigree, then you should purchase the Aprilia SR50.

Honda Metropolitan

If you are not a big fan of the latest design styles manufacturers follow, then check out the Honda Metropolitan. Built for the concrete jungle, this is one of the best 50cc scooter available in the market. Honda took great care and consideration to ensure that it is practical at all times.

Along with its classic aesthetics, it comes with ample amounts of under-seat storage. It has several modern features, such as excellent fuel economy, electric start, and an automatic gearbox.

Kymco Agility City+ 50

Do you want the best 50cc scooter which will give you a smooth ride in any European city? The Kymco Agility City+ is an excellent option if this is your requirement, thanks to its large 16-inch wheels. As a result, the ride will always feel smooth with the plus side of it being easy to handle, regardless of the condition of the road. It has stylish aesthetics, so you won’t feel out of place riding the best 50cc scooter on the streets of Europe. However, it is at a disadvantage when it comes to raw power and weight.

Peugeot Speedfight 4

The Peugeot Speedfight has been in production since 2000, a testament of this scooter’s incredible success, despite significant changes in the market. The French manufacturer made changes to the aesthetics, to give it a sporty feel. Thanks to the paint job, this machine will attract attention from onlookers, everywhere you go.

Peugeot lowered the center of gravity for machine and added a digital dash, along with a USB port. There is enough space to store your helmet, making it one of the best 50 cc scooter for your daily commute.

Vespa Primavera 50

Vespa always comes on top when it comes to scooters, regardless of the power of the engine. You can say this is due to the manufacturer’s experience in making small two-wheelers, for more than 50 years.

With the liquid-cooled 50cc engine of the Vespa Primavera 50, it is easy to navigate through traffic. It comes with a classic design, which makes you feel like you are traveling in time. Similarly, it comes with an LCD dash, to give it a modern touch. The only downside to this best 50cc scooter is the high price tag when compared to the other models in this list.

Yamaha Zuma 50F and Yamaha Zuma 50FX

Yamaha’s Zuma 50F is a great contender for the best 50cc scooter in the market. It comes with two variants, targeted at two types of riders. Regardless of which model you choose, you will get a liquid-cooled, compact, 49 cc engine, which gives you average fuel economy.

You won’t have to spend a lot of time taking care of this machine, as it is a low-maintenance scooter. It comes with fuel injection and electric start, two modern features you will find on this machine. The major difference between the F and the FX (two models) is the styling. The latter has a sportier look, while the former goes after a practical aesthetic.

Getting around your city with the best 50cc scooter is always going to be icing on the cake, as it is a great form of transportation. Before you purchase one of these machines, make sure you visit a local dealer, so that you can take them for a test run. Once you get a proper feel of the best 50cc scooter, you can start shopping and get one which meets your requirements.

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