BMW Head-up Display: How it works?

BMW Head-up Display: How it works?

What is BMW Head-up display?

The BMW Head-up display is a very powerful projector that works with a system of mirrors to display high contrast virtual images that are projected onto a translucent film that is present on the car’s windshield. This display brings to your reach and field of view, the important information you need while driving, like your travelling speed, lane guides, as well as GPS navigation. The display ensures that your entire focus is on the road while driving, giving you the best driving experience possible. If you own a BMW brand of vehicle or you intend to purchase one, this is a technology you will enjoy, as it constitutes a highly important part of your driving experience. It isn’t just an information display system, it also a safety assurance system. The information provided smoothens your driving experience, the field of view display ensures adequate concentration and safety.

Which Model of BMW can be equipped with the Head-up display?

This amazing piece of technological system is available in a lot of popular BMW models. The technology, however, was introduced to the fold in 2016, and for this reason, only models produced from 2016 upward have the option available. The way the display will, however, be projected in your Vehicle depends on the model. Some models, like the X1, have a midsized windshield head-up display. The latest BMW 7 series has the latest generation of the technology. These latest types are as large as 12 inches.

Vehicles that you can find this technology include:

  • BMW 2 Series
  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 4 Series
  • BMW 5 Series
  • BMW 6 Series
  • BMW 7 Series and a lot of others that are recent.

How to use

What needs to be done with your vehicle’s tech is to be used. You can’t discover the awesomeness of this wonderful technology if you are not using it. How then do you use it?

To access this system on your vehicle, you locate the vehicle’s iDrive controller. From the iDrive controller, you will be able to view the important data for the best driving experience. The data which you will have access to will further depend on your vehicle’s model. Data like the vehicle status, warning indicators, entertainment menu, speed limit and so on can be accessed via the BMW Head-up Display. To get a safer, more efficient, and even smoother driving experience, you should learn more about how the BMW iDrive controller really works.


The first and possibly the biggest importance of this technology is the BMW Head-up Display itself. It brings every data straight and directly into your field of view, giving you no reason to move your head or break your ahead focus.

The needed information is displayed on your screen in a brilliant and clear resolution and directly in front of you. This will allow you, as the driver, to keep your concentration on your driving and encourage more safe driving.

Cutting edge technology on your windscreen.

To keep everything short, the driving information system is a projector that is fitted to the top of your vehicle’s dashboard. This projector then project images onto a translucent display in the vehicle’s windscreen with the aid of a specially shaped mirror. It is a very awesome technology, and it is part of the vehicle’s iDrive driver assistance systems.

Concentrated Information

The information is not just projected, it is projected directly into the driver’s visual field, and it concentrates a lot of information to a particular space ensuring sustained focus on the road ahead.

Information projected in beautiful resolution

The information provided by this driving-aid technology is projected in the very best resolution possible with sharp colours appearing as if they are virtually on the road. The brightness of the displayed information automatically adjusts in response to the conditions of external light. The display can also be customized by the driver as it suites them. This can be done from the iDrive controller and allows for setting the height or other position of the BMW Head-up Display to the driver’s field of vision.

What information is displayed

The information that can be displayed, according to the Vehicle model include:

  • Road speed
  • Vehicle status
  • Navigational turn-by-turn directions
  • Control and warning messages
  • Information about your Telephone and Call
  • Lane Guiding
  • RPM and
  • Entertainment menu

This is a very important safety tool that enhances your driving is the part of the technology package and the BMW executive package. The technology behind this brings all your needed information like the road ahead, the speed and speed limit, navigation, lane guiding and other important information that will smoothen your driving experience on any road. Using the technology ensures the driver’s concentration and safety and therefore, is a very important tool of safe driving. All you need to access is your iDrive and you’re good to go. So, get your car and enjoy this awesome system for your best driving experience with safety assurance. If you are still a little confused about the whole technology, once you start using it, you’ll discover just how important and useful it is.

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